What the Merge will and won't do?

What the Merge will and won’t do?

The Merge will immediately: 👉 Turn o Proof of Work and end mining on Ethereum 👉 Introduce Proof of Stake 👉 Make the Ethereum network up to 99.95% more energy ecient The Merge will not immediately: 👉 Reduce transaction fees 👉 Improve Ethereum scalability and reduce congestion 👉 Create faster transaction processing 👉 Unlock ETH staking tokens Source: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1558072902972473344

🔥 Have you ever heard about the #ethereum : EIP5501: Rental & delegation NFT – ERC721 extension?

👉 This proposal is a follow up on EIP-4400 and EIP-4907 and introduces additional upgrades for lending and borrowing which include: 👉 NFT stays in owner’s wallet during rental period 👉 Listing and sale of NFT without termination of the rent 👉 Claiming owner benefits during rental period #Collectibles, #gaming #assets, #metaverse, #event #tickets, #music, #video, #domains, real item representation are several among…